E78 Grosseto-Siena: Opening of the new “Farma” viaduct and completion of the “Casal di Pari” tunnel excavation

Siena, 1 August 2017 - Anas has opened up the new "Farma" viaduct to traffic and has completed the excavation of the "Casal di Pari" tunnel, as part of the four-lane modernization and expansion of state road 223 "di Paganico" (E78 Grosseto-Siena), currently in progress between Civitella Paganico (GR) and Monticiano (SI). The new viaduct is 770 meters long and rests on 10 piles up to 100 meters high. The open stretch, which includes the viaduct, is 1.8 km long, in addition to the sections already open for almost 10 km totaling the 12 planned in the "maxi lot". The transit is permitted in the temporary site configuration, currently on a lane by direction of travel, to ensure the correct management of traffic in the neighboring sections, where work continues.

The excavation of the "Casal di Pari" tunnel was also completed. The last diaphragm was demolished by the same miners who worked on two excavation fronts with 24- hour shifts, creating the tunnel, that is about 1.5 km long. Work will now begin on the construction of the road superstructure, signage and technological systems (lighting, fire protection, SOS, video surveillance and luminous signs).

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Hilton Catania

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Certification ISO 37001:2016

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